X3500 IPTV SERVER-System Product-Shenzhen AISAT Electronic Technology Co.,LTD.

System Product



    3U chassis, 8 hard disk bit IPTV server

Detailed description

AISAT IPTV system is a mature IPTV intelligent interactive system product which has realized large-scale commercial application and operation.Strong ability of streaming media collection, distribution and management;Strong user management, program packaging, authorization/anti-authorization capabilities.The management system adopts visual UI design.The system has been deployed on a large scale and has been used commercially for a long time.System installation is simple, stable and reliable operation.Unattended operation is realized after the system is opened, which is convenient for system maintenance and operators to carry out operation and save resources.

Product Type SERVER
CPU  Intel E5 2660
Mainboard IBM X3500 M4
System Hard Disk SSD 120G 
Data hard Disk  3.5inch 8 disk slots
RAID controller IBM M5110 1G cache & battery
Power 550W (it can support two power supples)
PCIe 6 pces
Network port 4 Network Ports 1000mbps
Size 845mm*595mm*220mm(3U)
Weight 25KG

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