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System Product


    AISAT Subscriber Management System

    Support program packaging and grouping.user statistics,fee management,,online payment and multi-level administrator

Detailed description

1. Support regional management.

2. Support multi-service, including OTT service, IPTV live broadcasting service, VOD on-demand service, etc

Business each business carries out control, control can be divided into product package control, can also control the individual products within the package or


3. To support authorization and anti-authorization of business or programs, authorization and anti-authorization may be carried out according to the time period;

4. Support OTT business authorization and anti-authorization, and operators can control fees through OTT and IPTV;

5. Support OSD subtitle message and email message

6. Support regional control and single user control, which can control users in a region and single user;

7. OTA software upgrade function is supported, and software upgrade of set-top box can be carried out through cloud or local server;

8. Support equipment management, be able to open accounts, close accounts, suspend business, repair and suspend the processing of user equipment;

9. Support value-added advertising services, and can push ads to the set-top box, which supports startup advertising, startup animation, corner advertising,

Program list advertising;

10. Support automatic identification of online devices.

11. Support expiration reminders.

Support statistical query function.

13. Support different cost Settings of sub-machine and sub-machine.

14. Support electronic payment.