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System Product

EPG System


    Support up to 1000 channels, 64 days program list, with high security, stability of digital TV electronic program guide system.

Detailed description

1. The import format of each channel can be set flexibly by recording the program list import format of each channel separately and matching the original import file data format, which is huge

Reduce the program list editing and maintenance work, reduce the working intensity of operators

2. Support up to 1000 channels, 64-day program list, with high security and stability of digital TV electronic program guide system.

3. One-way ads include: boot up ads, radio background ads, turn over ads, corner ads, left fly subtitles, menu ads, volume bar ads and other types;link

Advertising is a form of effective extension of EPG advertising

4. The output data fully meets the national and industrial standards of digital TV, and can be used as a standard test signal for set-top box manufacturers for set-top box joint debugging test.tong

Through the standard EPG output function, the set top box automatic search channel, channel sorting, clock, turn over the channel program list (current program/next program), electronic program list

(weekly program list) and other functions.

5. The output code stream required by standard EPG can be controlled through the sending switch of various PSI/SI tables.These stream types include PAT, CAT, PMT, NIT, BAT, SDT, EIT, RST, TDT, TOT, DIT, SIT and other tables.Among them, NIT, SDT/BAT, TDT/TOT and EIT tables are EPG series used by general operators

The output tables need to be configured because they provide network description information, channel description information, product packaging information, time information, and program list information.

Other tables are used for debugging systems or special cases.

6. After setting the transmission rate of each table in each frequency point, the EPG Ver5.10 system playback server program will generate the data of the table and stabilize at the set rate

Send data continuously.Compared with the EPG system of other manufacturers, which simply sets the data organization mode of data transmission cycle, this system is operated even if it is due to operator error

In the case of data import exception, the output rate will not change, so as to avoid overflow of output data of the multiplexer.